Term 2 Make-up Work

Over the course of Term 2 you may have missed some assignments and as a result found out that your Term 2 mark is a lot lower than you expected! Below you will find some work to catch up on.  NOTE: You should hand-in any or all of your work to deirdre.moore@burnabyschools.ca or if that doesn’t work to fromdeemoore@gmail.com .

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Citizen Journalist Hand-outs

  1. You can do your research on this page if you haven’t already. If you can’t find your research already done, then ask/email Ms. Moore for this page: Identify and Clarify Worksheet
  2. Actual video clip of you as a citizen journalist: You can record this on audio or video using an app of your choice (Clips on iPhone). You can write a script first using this organizer:  Citizen Journalist Intro – Wicked Problem

Process of Laws Hand-outs

  1. Go to this website: https://globallearninginburnaby.com/making-canadian-laws/ and use the worksheets below.
  2. Find out the process of a law. This worksheet is here: What is a Bill?
  3. Is the Senate Worthwhile?  You can watch a video if you scroll below on this page or go to the link in #1. Worksheet is here: The Ideal Senate

Letter to an MP or MLA about a Wicked Problem you are concerned about

  1. This is the Sample Letter called: TEACHER NOTES for Letter to Representative – Wicked Problem
  2. Here is the Letter template: Template for Letter to Representative

Short Film Recommendations: Indigenous Shorts

You can watch and analyze the short films at this link: https://globallearninginburnaby.com/canadian-indigenous-filmmakers-shorts/ and you can access the worksheet here:  short-film-recommendations-rubric

The Quiz on Causes/Consequences of the World Wars

  1. You can write or improve your mark on the quiz for 50%. Here it is: WWI and 2 Quiz
  2. Here is the review sheet done in class on Causes and Consequences: Causes of the Wars Review