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Join 100s of other Burnaby students and staff who have enjoyed insights and anecdotes from experts worldwide either in-person or via videoconference. Global Learning Programs YouTube channel provides an archive of many of the speakers who have graced Burnaby venues and classrooms – and some hallways – with their knowledge, prestige – even humility.

YouTubeChannelIt is important that students are exposed to experts as early and as often as possible. This exposure develops intrinsic motivation, increases thorough understanding of specific subject areas and insights into how to learn in that area, and helps students consider possible career paths. The immediate impact is not always visible, but conversations with students clearly show that experiences with experts alter and influence understanding, attitudes, and dreams of the future.

Experts see and represent issues in their area at a deeper level than novices, according to research studies both old and new. They can also provide valuable insights into the process of developing expertise.

What should be a key motivator for students and parents is that research  asserts that experts are made, not born. For any task, performance improves with deliberate practice as well as with the dreaded struggle and sacrifice. Even Mozart, as a common example, though remembered as a child prodigy, began his music career prior to turning 4 years old; he became an expert under the tutelage of his virtuoso father who was renowned in classical music. There are no early indicators to predict substantial success of our youth, except in sports where height and size are factors Рand continued practice.

Burnaby has exceptional conditions for the development of the talent and expertise of young people. Alongside a combination of complex learning endeavours going on within classrooms, the big picture shows an overall, exceptionally supportive educational context. This includes willingness to go beyond single subjects and provide exposure to expertise that is multi-faceted, through offerings such as Global Learning Programs. It is thanks to those influential leaders in Burnaby, who explicitly understand and philosophically support the complex relationship between exposure to expert knowledge and future success, that students and staff enjoy and benefit from the wide variety of events and opportunities of Global Learning Programs in the Burnaby School District.

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