Program Overview


Global Learning Programs (GLP) remains a unique, award-winning and growing initiative in the Burnaby School District. The full-time, year-round and district-wide program offers opportunities for students that build global and holistic understanding of the key issues and noteworthy concepts in the world. The seamless use of technology to drive each experience has guaranteed that the program is unrivaled in British Columbia.

GLP is student, staff and parent-oriented. Student events are currently, but  not exclusively, secondary-focused at the current time. The range of opportunities offered include:

  • hosting individual speaker and panel sessions both live and via videoconference
  • developing student leadership and knowledge through subject-focused speaker series
  • facilitating the district UN Connections student network, comprised of
    • field experiences
    • Model UN training and practice
    • discussion of global issues
    • building leadership capacity
  • coordinating full-day conferences
  • supporting an array of district events with leadership, expertise, planning and technology
  • Independent Directed Studies (IDS) projects of globally-oriented students
  • maintaining a YouTube channel to celebrate past events
  • creation of program and administrative videos

GLP provides an expansive service to stakeholders in Burnaby School District, one that includes building and providing 21st Century learning opportunities, and assisting Burnaby students in meeting their potentials and becoming global citizens. These occasions are primarily global in nature, and local in scope.

GLP is continually evolving; events and staff/student activities depend on staff requests around the district and input each year as well as ever-changing speaker schedules. It is important to maintain flexibility in order to be able to take advantage of opportunities and the in-district requests arising each school year, some with little lead-time.