Inside the UN Connections Club

img_0533The United Nations Connections (UNC) club integrates connections, communication and collaboration much like the work done in United Nations’ agencies. The club represents the concept that, “The United Nations remains the best option we have to face, from a perspective of peace and cooperation, the large and complex challenges to be faced by humanity” (S/2016/103, annex, p.2).

UNC members bring together the research they have done on a global issue, and share facts and country perspectives. Throughout discussions, members work on resolutions to some of the toughest problems humans face on earth, and in space: human rights, climate change, poverty, war, disease and disaster. The commitment and interest of each student member fuels the success of projects, discussions and resolutions as they debate, argue, agree and compromise – embodying the true motives of the United Nations.

This network of students from around the district meets Tuesdays at Burnaby Central Secondary School between 3:45pm and 5:30pm – email club below to ask which specific Tuesdays. The meetings are held in the main conference room or in the library. There are opportunities to join field trips and weekend Model UN conferences.  More meetings may be added to prepare for a weekend Model UN conference.

Students communicate about club activities via Facebook (Burnaby United Nations Connections – private page) and via email.

If you have questions about the club, please use this contact form: