Hello Ms. Moore’s SS10 Class

Good morning everyone! I am away today! Please work hard for your TOC. Today you are going to build some more background knowledge about Canadian government, and then next day you will continue to research your wicked problem and to create your Citizen Journalist news clip.

1. But first of all, what is this political cartoon below all about? Which wicked problem is the cartoonist addressing? Do you agree with this cartoonist’s message? Ask your neighbour what he/she/they think about it and see if you have the same thoughts.

2. Secondly, how about doing some review on how government powers are divided in Canadian government?

Go to this website and play this game called, “Level Rule”.  See if you can make Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 1.19.49 AMsense of the powers or jurisdiction of the different levels of government: federal, provincial and municipal. What was your score?


3.  So, in order to make a difference in your community or country go through your own government: local, provincial and federal. This will require you to learn more about the Canadian government system than just elections. Start with this video: Democracy, A Short Introduction.  Tell your neighbour one thing which you didn’t know before from the video.

4. Now, YOUR TASK FOR TODAY is to read through this Guide to the Canadian House of Commons and using what you learn (and any other internet sites you find), answer the questions on this worksheet called, AN OVERVIEW OF CANADIAN GOVERNMENT. You can fill it out on the computer – or print it out on the printer in this lab, and use a pen or pencil to complete it. Save this worksheet and then email it to yourself so you can complete it, if you haven’t already. If you have finished it, email it to deirdre.moore@burnabyschools.ca and yourself.

Dilemma of the Wicked Problem… is this you?