Canadian Indigenous Filmmakers: Shorts

There are some incredible films produced in Canada. Today you will see an array of Indigenous-made films, written, directed or produced by Indigenous artists.

A local organization wishes to host an Indigenous Film Festival and they will be inviting the filmmakers and panelists to the event. The organization needs help to decide which short films the public would prefer.

Your job is to view the following films and to choose which ones you would rate as your “Top Two”. You will need to convince the organization’s film festival committee that you are right so give two reasons why you think so. This could be a comment about the theme or message of the film, the sound effects, the visual talent demonstrated in the film or some completely different other reason which you will outline.

Some of the short films are animations and many are drama. As you watch, complete the rubric which is called,   “short-film-recommendations-rubric“. Send it to Ms. Moore afterwards.

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This one is about a Medicine Man in the woods who goes on a walk that leads to the discovery of an intriguing secret world. What is the secret world? What can we learn from this film?
This short film is the true story of a Cree family’s strange encounter one winter night, which results in a conversation beyond words. Could this family include anyone of us? Do you believe this is a true story?
About 13-year old boy whose family history of residential schools has taken its toll. He’s arrested but given a second chance to straighten out. What is the message in the film? What advice would you give Joey?
About an indigenous photographer as she travels through time strengthening her connections to ancestors of Metis, Cree and Anishnaabe descent. How does this film help us to understand the “dark, colonial past”? What are the historical events that this film reviews?
A trapper collects a strange wounded animal in the forest who turns into a beast. For goodness sake, what is this film actually about?
Focused on an ethnicity dilemma in which indigenous woman is required to respond to a form with no box for “mixed ancestry”. Who do the people behind the young woman represent? Why do these types of questions exist on forms? Why do we include them on forms? What is the point of the addition, “Every One”?
An Innu poet speaks of rising up to bring light to the world. What lines or evidence is there that this poem could support “Reconciliation”?
A girl’s mother insists she wave a red flag on her way to school. What is the result? What is the message to all of us of this short film?
This is set in Vancouver – sometimes near Kits, where a man is rediscovering the Musqueam Language. Did you by chance speak a language when you were young, but now you have forgotten?
Based on a letter that a woman writes to her children, the story of a bicycle is told. What experience in her childhood was so important? Why? Can one experience influence the rest of someone’s life?
Fill out this rubric as you watch the short films.
Email it to Ms. Moore.