Canada’s Role in World Wars Project

You have taken a look at why two World Wars started during the 20th Century – one in 1914 and another in 1939. You have discovered that some of the same general reasons were underlying causes for these two episodes of total war, even though the specific incidents and immediate causes are very different.

What are these similar underlying causes?     MAIN:   Militarism,  Alliances,  Imperialism,  Nationalism  (Germany’s aggression can be said to be based on all these four factors.)

Now, let’s practice and enjoy a small amount of Canadian nationalism ourselves – and zero in on the role Canada played in World War One and World Two. With our look at how Canada helped to win the wars, we will also focus on historical significance. Watch this video on its definition early in your research.

First, here are the topics and partners you have agreed to below. If you do not have a topic or a partner, you can work on your own and take one of the remaining topics. Be sure to tell the TOC your topic because you cannot do the same as someone else.





Secondly, read carefully below for the expectations of this project and also see the attached page if needed. Then get busy on the computers and do your research! DUE DATE and PRESENTATIONS: March 11/13 (You will be asked to sign up for a presentation date and you MUST present before spring break.)

Canada’s Role in the Wars: Project Outline: Your ultimate goal is to teach the class about your topic based on the criteria given.


  1. With your partner, investigate your topic using the hand-outs – all of these must be handed in.
  2. Record the references you use from the internet on the back of the page.
  3. Prepare a presentation which includes something VISUAL – slides, poster, video clip. The video clip should be short (a clip of bigger video) and can demonstrate the topic.
  4. Present your visual and explain this to the class.
  5. Be prepared for assessment based on your success at CONTENT, SIGNIFICANCE, PRESENTATION.
  6. Be sure to watch this video about historical significance early in your research.
  7. All of the following hand-outs MUST be completed and handed-in with your presentation:
    1. Hand-out 1: Research Organizer
    2. Hand-out 2 : Historical Significance Analysis
    3. Hand-out 3: Bibliography Record
    4. Hand-out 4: Student Workload Pie Chart

Check out these websites:

The Canadian Encyclopedia (click “Search” in the toolbar):

World War One

World War Two

Canadian Scrapbooks for World War One and World War Two: Ask the TOC to grab the two stacks of scrapbooks you were using in class last week to help you complete your topic research and also to finish the “Features” comparison worksheet you may still have in your notebook. (Ms. DaSilva will know where they are!)