Want the world free of crimes?

Under the categories of vision, impact, efficiency, legacy, and quality, Rodrigo Duterte fits in all of them. After his inauguration, Duterte quickly began his promise to the people of the Philippines, which is to rid of the country’s illegal drug-pushers. Duterte is known for his ability to decide what is right or wrong, his decisiveness, and his leadership. Before Duterte became a president, he was a mayor for a city where drug-pushers and criminals roam free. But even in this difficult predicament he transformed this once crime-ridden city to a peaceful and investor-friendly city.

As of February 2022 before his presidency ends, it was reported that 58% of the community have been declared drug-cleared, while the remaining have yet to be cleared or is drug-free. He has also shown no fear towards anyone, calling Barack Obama a “son of a whore” and shot a fellow student who keeps calling him names when he was in college not fearing those superiors of his and he’s ASIAN. If that is not fearless then I do not know what is.

“For every profanity, there’s a story behind it. People should really go beyond my cussing.”

In conclusion, you are reading this article so that I can try and persuade you to change your mind on who the 5th greatest leader there is. With his many accomplishments that I have not yet researched about, I am quite sure that I have not unveiled his full greatness yet.