Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was born in 1889 in Austria. He did not graduate from school. When the First World War broke out, he volunteered as a soldier in Germany.

After the war, Hitler joined a small party. Its supporters hated Jews and thought nothing of democracy. The party was called the NSDAP. That stands for National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

Hitler went to prison for violence

Hitler was very successful in the party. In 1923, he and his followers tried to seize power in Germany by force. This did not work and Hitler had to go to prison. There he wrote the book “Mein Kampf”. In it, he described his political ideas and made clear who he saw as his greatest enemy: the Jews.

This is how he came to power

At the end of the 1920s, there was a severe economic crisis worldwide. Many people had no work. The situation was also very difficult in Germany.

During this time, Hitler was able to win over many people. He was a good speaker and people were fascinated by him, they called him “their leader”. Hitler promised them that he would make things better for them.

Adolf Hitler had a lot of followers who agreed with him and liked what he did.

So it happened that more and more people voted for his party, the NSDAP. In 1933, he became the Chancellor of the Reich and thus the head of the German government.

The Holocaust: Millions of People Killed

Hitler claimed that the Jews were to blame for the poverty in Germany. Yet they could not help the situation any more than anyone else. Many inhumane laws were introduced against them. Sinti and Roma, people with disabilities, homosexuals and many others were also persecuted. Hitler and the National Socialists had millions of people imprisoned and later killed many of them.

Those who opposed Hitler were punished

 Black and white photo of survivors of Auschwitz. Hitler imprisoned many people in concentration camps.

Hitler’s goal was to make Germany a more powerful country. He determined what the newspapers and radio stations reported and had many untruths spread to get people excited about him. This is called propaganda. Anyone who opposed Hitler and his plans or simply had a different opinion was persecuted.

The Second World War

In 1939 Germany started the Second World War. In this war Hitler and the NSDAP tried to conquer more and more countries. In the beginning they succeeded. Many Germans were happy about these victories.

German soldiers fought in the Soviet Union, for example.

But after some time, the opponents became stronger and stronger. Hitler wanted to win the war at all costs and urged the Germans to fight to the end. He himself hid in a bunker in Berlin towards the end of the war. When it was clear that Germany would lose the war, he killed himself on April 30, 1945. Eight days later, World War II ended in Europe.

He was a good leader for these reasons:

Adolf Hilter was very good at making speeches. It was a strength of his that he could convince people well. He was also able to write books about his hatred of the Jews. This book he called Mein Kampf. When that book came out, it was a hit.

The book was almost always sold out. Through the book his personality became even bigger and he could win more and more votes. He was also a good strategist. He foresaw the troop movements of his opponents and was able to take Poland and France in a short period of time. Many people thought that he would be a world leader and were afraid. Fear is a good keyword. Hitler and his Waffen SS spread fear and terror. He ruled partly on fear of the citizens. One could compare him today with the North Korean leader Kim Young ung.

Adolf Hitler was one of the worst leaders Germany ever had. This analysis of his life and the reasons why he was a good leader are in no way positive.

Malte Aschenbeck