Rosa Parks

The battle for the right of black people has been really tough during the last century, especially in the USA. Being a great leader in my opinion means not only standing for an ideology, but also taking action. Even a common dressmaker, like Rosa Parks was, can make the difference and start the change. 
When Ross Parks was born, in 1913, the Jim Crow laws for racial segregation had already been legalized. Black and white people were forced to be separated, and whites had priority over the others. 
In 1955, after a normal day of work, Rosa Parks was sitting in the bus in the area designated for white people, as the bus was almost full. When a white man came in, as the rule stated, she should have given him her seat. But that night she refused. That night she was tired, not because of the long workday, but because of the constant discrimination she had to go through daily. That night Rosa’s arrest signed the beginning of the Montgomery bus boycott, which lasted for more than a year, until laws that segregated buses were declared unconstitutional. 
Since then, Parks became an icon in the civil rights movement, fighting and inspiring more and more people to fight for justice and equality. 
“You must never be fearful about doing what you are doing when it is right”. 
– Rosa Parks 
Rosa’s vision is what the world needs to actually change, and this quality makes her a perfect leader. She was the first black woman who stood against the segregation, even if she knew what she was going through and that she would probably be arrested. As she said, you should not be fearful of what you are doing if it is right, which is a great philosophy in life and requires a big bravery. 
A leader leaves a great legacy and Rosa’s is still in those people who fight for the racial equality, even many years after she died. She was also honored by President Obama, who defined her as a brave and inspiring woma.  
Therefore, I think Rosa Parks should be the fifth great leaders that vanguard history.