By Hanna H.


Topic: Causes and Effects of the Internet

Internet is a computer network where inside of the net has many information and shares this information with an another computer and organize it. And is amazing on how we have progressed through the years with a one idea and keep changing it to different functions. The internet has help us in many ways, as in communicate with different people from the world, and to keep track with news and economics globally. But even though it is a huge help there are also consequences in it and how it affect us everyday in our lives. Because people are so into the web, we pay more attention to it and so people who writes blogs or people who post in social media, have a huge benefit and people tent to believe what is in the Internet, some may be facts others can just be fake news. But now it has develop much more easier to use, so we have the freedom to protest or demand something to the politics in the web, plus is easier to communicate to them and to see others peoples questions.

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Fake news


Economy inequality



How did the Internet gave negatives views on politics?


Before the whole net was created political parties had their group much bigger, since they needed more help and ideas. And to get people around to hear their believes and what they stand for to lead, like usual they used newspaper and magazines but this took a lot of time to do it. So, because of this people didn’t vote often, since they had to go to sit-ins, public gatherings, and letters. And so in 1960’s, they started to invent the radio where that develop to television but that time, it was only used on politics. Candidates did there campaigns and with the help of these two it was easier to spread the word to people and to vote, but it was also a challenge because they need to compete with one another and to be more careful on how they express there party.

(Radio in 1960’s and Television in 1960’s)

Computers also came to that time around but wasn’t much develop, since computers were extremely big and only used on government business, but they had the idea on how to connect other electronics wireless, and so they started working on it. In the Early’s 90’s the Internet was released to the public and people could access it freely. the electronic business also needs to find away to make money, so now with new electronics they have put entertainment so people could enjoy but also to make money out of it. And that is when economy comes.

(Computer in 1960’s and computer in 1990’s)

So, how exactly does society, economics and politics connect with the Internet? Believe it or not these three have a lot in common, and each one needs one another to function on the internet. For example if a group of people wanted a type of product, they might just make it public on the net and ask for a company to do so, but also the company needs money to do the product so, money comes from banks and banks are connected with the government, or you can think of trades with other countries, human rights, worker rights. So, the little things are connected with those categories, and with the help of the internet, you can see that people have conflicts. The government, companies, markets take advantage of this and they make solutions for us, to have a better lifestyle. But not all solutions are beneficial since it can create other problems. Since internet came around and through the years has been more advance, the economy inequality develop and jobs have been taken away because of it, not only that but taxes, corruption, and many more causes develop, this affects society as in poverty, homelessness, lack of education, and wars.

But how is the government going to make it better and will it do a change? It totally depends on how the government see things and how their system works because for example here in Canada, since in the 60’s the transportation was very useful because migration was opened to everyone so there is a lot of cultural backgrounds and having trades with different countries. But in other countries the migration is not that open, or the politics are corrupted, sometimes governments just lie to their citizens with fake news on blogs, saying they will fix a problem in their country, when in reality their doing a total different thing, such as stealing money from them and sometimes it would be that corrupted that freedom of speech are not allowed or jobs not being paid enough. Now that the internet is very open anyone can say what is happening in their country out to the public, so people can take notice. Some people do take notice of this and ask for help by media, until there is an amount of people wanting to help and so they start doing solutions such as global support, donations, and creating jobs.

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Question: How did the Internet gave negative views on politics?

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