Consensus. Collaboration. Creativity.

Turn-out at the documentary screening of Women Bending the Curve on Climate Change in the Centre for Dialogue at Byrne Creek Community School reflected the wider Burnaby community – diverse in terms of age, gender and ethnicity and serious. Everyone was on the alert about climate and the impact of warming and the questions were insightful.

Dr. Joanna Ashworth, in her 60-minute documentary, brings the stories of several women who are taking action in ways that are innovative, creative and… easy. Halting even a slight increase in temperature cannot be done by a carbon tax or federal regulation alone she says. United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #13 – Climate Action – is a direct call for individuals and groups to take action in local communities. The documentary illuminates the reality that “every little bit counts” in the struggle to reduce the human carbon footprint.

Dr. Ashworth encouraged participating Burnaby North Secondary School Film and Broadcasting Program students to use the climate change theme in their future film endeavours. By closing remarks, at least one student had been convinced. It’s the ripple effect that we have to believe in, and the young generation, many in the audience emphasized. The documentary reiterated this theme.

We can do it. Through story-telling, science and sound steps taken in the community, this work of a local filmmaker tells us we will succeed if we simply try. The trailer can be viewed online.