A Youth Achievement Award for Every Student

Burnaby students and parents agree. The Duke of Edinburgh International Award Program makes a lot of sense. Students are recognized for consistently putting their efforts towards bettering themselves.

The program, known as “Duke of Ed”, challenges students between 14 and 25 years old to dedicate one hour per week for a set number of weeks to developing a skill, participating in physical recreation and volunteering for a non-profit society. In addition, students must spend a go overnight on an adventure journey – essentially a ‘back-to-the-basics’ camping trip that includes purposeful activity like canoeing or hiking or nature walks. Altogether, it is a recipe for students to be proud of, an accomplishment to be noted not only in journals but also in resumes and scholarship applications.

Students in Beta Mini-School at Alpha Secondary engage with Duke of Ed Field Officer Craig McCullough to discover how their current activities will fit into the Award program.

The Burnaby School District encourages students to register and join a growing number of others in achieving a bronze, silver or gold medal through the program. Groups of students at each secondary school are forming now and will be able to touch base for inspiration and guidance in completing the program. The registration fee of $30 will rise to $50 in July; those who find the cost a barrier can email for a waiver.

Get in touch with Ms. D. Moore, the Burnaby Award Unit Leader, for more information at globallearning @ burnabyschools.ca.