The World: @inBurnaby

6 Mondays left. And one is the Queen’s birthday. Burnaby students and staff are working tirelessly to wrap up the year.

One group of students, part of the United Nations Connections (UNC) student network, recently focused on wrapping up their school year efforts teaching and learning Model United Nations (MUN) debate, celebrating huge success.

MUN debate is part of the blood running through the veins of Lower Mainland extracurricular activities. Between hotel and one-day MUN conferences, and teacher and student-run school clubs, the momentum is growing. Burnaby students are as responsible for this energy as anyone!

clubshot2018Here they are in the photo, sporting new club hoodies and celebrating the Executive Directors – who planned and implemented all learning activities – and UNC members who stuck it out for all of 2018-19 – learning the finer details of Points of Inquiry and UN Resolutions and diligently writing up position papers on UN issues.

Members will join former Executive Directors and pick up the mantle of leadership – in September they will teach the newest recruits that MUN is one of the best ways to learn about current global issues and to meet students around Burnaby who have similar interests. They will all have the opportunity to attend field trips and to volunteer at or participate in MUN external conferences and to build a more complex understanding of global issues – within the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and human rights.

Any Burnaby secondary students who have an interest in the world and want to learn and use the United Nations Rules of Procedure should come out to the first meeting of our next school year, September 2018!