All Invited to High-Profile UN Speaker

CFD_audienceWe would like to invite all students and parents/guardians to an informative event in the evening of April 3rd with Marcia Kran, an accomplished lawyer, human rights expert and elected member to the United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC).

WHEN: Tuesday, April 3rd from 7-8:30pm

WHERE: Centre for Dialogue, Byrne Creek Community School located at 7777 18th Street (8-minute walk south from Edmonds Skytrain Station)

WHAT: A presentation, “How the UN Promotes Human Rights Globally: The Role of the Human Rights Committee,” followed by an extended question and answer session, and a reception with Marcia Kran

Ms. Kran will cover: What systems does the UN have in place to take on the challenging task of promoting and protecting human rights? How does the UN Human Rights Committee – composed of independent human rights experts – work, and how does it contribute to the protection of human rights?

WHO SHOULD CONSIDER ATTENDING? Everyone is welcome to attend this inspirational and high profile speaker event. Those students and families interested in current global issues, human rights, law, Canada’s involvement with the United Nations, and in Canadians with a significant international career should especially consider attending.

RATIONALE: By profiling Ms. Kran, and her work as one of only 18 members of the international UNHRC committee, and the first Canadian in 13 years, the audience will have an opportunity to learn first-hand how human rights are upheld internationally, how violations are dealt with, and how Canadians should expect their own rights to be protected. Ms. Kran will have just returned from Geneva to Canada for only two days following her first international meeting of the UNHRC, guaranteeing extremely current information.

International-Covenant-on-Civil-and-Political-RightsBACKGROUND: The UNHRC upholds the international treaty called the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (CCPR), and its recommendations are legally binding on the 169 countries who signed it.

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