Burnaby’s Own Best Delegate

gavel_awardAccording to the Best Delegate of Burnaby Model United Nations (BMUN) Conference that took place on Saturday, February 4th, 2017, Moscrop Secondary is the “best high school on the planet”. He won the top award at BMUN for his outstanding participation and contributions to the conference.

Michael He is equally as exuberant about his Model United Nations (MUN) experience. His future career goals may include computer science and 3D animation, but his current extra-curricular activities are focused on MUN.

When asked for his reaction to winning his award, Michael was quite humble. “I was actually pretty surprised that I managed to win the Best Delegate award at my second ever MUN conference. The other delegates in my committee did a great job representing their nations… I was able to speak a lot due to how relevant my country was to the topic. Michael represented China on the topic of social media”.michael_single

Michael began MUN in September 2016 with the United Nations Connections (UNC) club, which meets at Burnaby Central Secondary most Wednesdays and organizes field trips to weekend conferences as a Burnaby delegation. He had been told from his friends and his parents that MUN was engaging, and he took their advice and tried it out.

Michael loves how every conference is unique, and different from regular debating. At the conferences students must represent the opinions of a particular nation on a current global topic, which can be challenging unless you do enough research.

At the Vancouver Model UN conference, taking place late January, Michael was shocked at the enormous amount of people present. But “what makes MUN special”, Michael says, is the fact that “you get to meet new people and expand your network.”

It’s not easy to take part in a MUN conference. There is a lot of research to do ahead. A lot of rules have to be followed. And Michael admits “speaking in front of so many people can be really intimidating”. But fortunately, MUN delegates are usually “nice and supportive” of beginners.

The competitive Metro Vancouver world of MUN debate should take note of this new and strong delegate from Burnaby who is ready to debate and resolve the issues of the world! Michael He is ready for another MUN assignment. Where will he be found next?