Science Experts Visit Burnaby Central

The Science Trailblazers Speaker Series at Burnaby Central Secondary School has been organized to inspire students to learn about areas of science they may never have thought about before.

Students can register to participate in the series, each concerned with a different aspect of science. From microscopic DNA to rocketing outwards to the moon’s surface and programming ethical robots, expert speakers will engage students. All sessions will be held in the conference room (A206).

The well-known magazine Scientific American states, “Science is a system for exploring, and for innovation. It can fuel… economic growth. It can form a path for our young people in a competitive global marketplace. And it can fire our imagination”.

Of course, other subjects are significant as well, but learning a little or a lot more about science will definitely not be harmful to anyone!

Participating students will attend three sessions, and engage with speakers via live, in-person or Skype presentations. The topics will include: medical genetics, applied engineering and roboethics.

science-world-210775On Tuesday, January 31st, Dr. Catherine Anderson, Director of Future Science Leaders at Science World and a UBC Medical Genetics instructor will present in person. She will explain how she arrived at her career, in addition to the field of genetics.

On Tuesday, February 28th, Soon-to-be Dr. AJung Moon will present to students about her PhD research in the field of robots and ethics. Her session will be in Skype. She researches out of the University of BC and also in a university in Lausanne, Switzerland.lunar-1385408

On Tuesday, March 7th, Mr. Sergei Dobrianski and Mr. Alexei Dobrianski will visit BCSS in person. Sergei is a computer engineer, while Alex is a mathematician who wrote the operating system for the Russian Space Agency. They are planning to fly a rover to the moon and back, and win $30 million from Google while they are at it, with the help of three other team members. They will share their story.

Please note that all sessions will be held starting at 11:30am and ending at 12:30pm; students will be asked to leave their classes ten minutes early to attend on time and they will return to their first afternoon classes ten minutes late. Teachers will be notified ahead where possible. Students will be able to eat their lunches quietly during these “Lunch-and-Learn” style sessions.

Please register ahead. Provide a name, email address and cell phone number (if available) for text reminders to Indicate, in order (1 being first choice), which leadership facilitation duties they prefer: Audience Greeting, Speaker Introduction, Audience Registration, Audience Seating, Thank you, Speaker Hosting, or Any Duty. 


From Einstein to Newton to Galileo, the great minds of science touch on all you need to inspire you to achieve more. Burnaby’s Science Trailblazer Speaker Series will encourage everyone to reach for the moon and touch the stars; we hope to see you there!