World Class Science Expertise in Our Own Backyard

c_andersonWe can all appreciate that Burnaby is situated in the best geographical situation possible. Close to Vancouver, transit to everywhere, and only a videoconference call away from any and all countries of the world.

Having said that, when it comes to expertise and knowledge, with the inspiration and motivation of students in mind, we truly have world-class expertise in our own backyard. Many of the world’s top thinkers and doers live among us.

The proof lies in the lunchtime visit of Dr. Catherine Anderson to Burnaby South Secondary School on Tuesday, February 9th.

Dr. Catherine Anderson – to the traditionally established world of science – represents innovation, modernity, optimism and change in science. There are a few set paths to success and recognition, yet she has forged her own significant path in a science arena where women are underrepresented.

Dr. Catherine Anderson has turned her PhD in Medical Genetics into a career focused on teaching and outreach. She is a Clinical Assistant Professor at UBC in the Faculties of Dentistry and Medicine. She has also started and run several outreach programs, including Geneskool in BC. She currently runs Future Science Leaders, an enrichment program at Science World that supports and challenge top teens to excel in science and technology. Whenever possible, Catherine travels to interesting destinations – place like Antarctica and Bhutan.

Burnaby South Secondary is thrilled to welcome Science Trailblazer Dr. Anderson to inspire and challenge science minds at Burnaby South.

Sometimes we forget to look around ourselves for inspiration, to dig more deeply beyond the routine and the normal. Dr. Anderson was indeed found right in our own backyard, with a little bit of investigation. A standing ovation for Dr. Anderson for living in our city, and offering her time generously to young scientists.