Food. World. Coming Together.

Julie_Marshall_editedOn Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016, the third of four speakers in the Global Expert Speaker Series will be visiting Ecole Alpha Secondary School virtually with Alpha students hosting and facilitating the event. Ms. Julie Marshall will introduce the United Nations agency called the World Food Programme (WFP) and zero in on its goals and outcomes with a special focus on current food insecurity for Syrian refugees.

Julie Marshall is the Canadian Spokesperson for the WFP, and has been since 2006. While Canada is the third largest donor to WFP of all member nations, Ms. Marshall represents one of only two representatives working out of Canada on this organization’s behalf.

Proposed by the US President in 1960 and approved in 1961, the WFP was at first a three-year experimental program. It’s first emergency operations were to assist earthquake-ravaged Iran, hurricane-hit Thailand and Algerian refugee resettlement, all in 1962.

WFP continues to pursue its mandate of providing humanitarian food assistance in emergencies, building food security in impoverished regions, and of generally ending global hunger. The 70th anniversary of the United Nations gives all of us an opportunity to envision a world free of fear and want. The World Food Programme works towards this original UN goal every day, delivering food assistance and working with communities to improve nutrition such as school lunch programs.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 10.45.13 AMGetting out the message about the WFP and its funding needs – WFP is voluntarily funded by individuals and UN member nations, with only a 7% administrative cost – is a big job. Ms. Marshall does this with verve and creativity. She has organized a visual display that will be displayed for Alpha students to examine and relate to her presentation; the display will be arriving in late January to the school.

Since joining WFP in 2006, Ms. Marshall has handled media relations, media briefings, fundraising, awareness and advertising campaigns, produced educational and promotional material, worked with WFP ambassadors and created communications for the private sector.

Before joining the UN, Julie worked for 20 years in public relations and marketing, based in Ontario.   She was born and grew up in Coventry, England.