Ben West on the Race Towards Climate Solutions

BENWEST (1)There isn’t a nicer, more articulate and knowledgeable guy around than Ben West. Burnaby School District’s United Nations Connections club invited Mr. West for informational purposes to a recent meeting at Burnaby Central Secondary on Thursday, October 1st. He presented a compelling argument to students for participating in his most recent effort in organization, the Great Climate Race, with a mixture of fascinating stats and unique visual evidence.

First of all, the Great Climate Race – a running and walking event – is being held on November 8th, 2015 and it offers athletic and leadership opportunities to young people, while also offering the latest possibilities for climate solutions. A brilliant and effective use of metaphor and action, the event pulls together Mr. West’s phenomenal skills and experience in educating and motivating the public towards environmental protection with his huge likeability factor and down-to-earth nature. All proceeds of the event go to local renewable energy projects.

Students facilitated the arrival and presentation of Ben West and his associate, Celine Hsin, from start to finish, asking great questions on the topic of climate change and the event. Some UNC students have committed to leading a team or volunteering in the Great Climate Race.

Memorable information presented? Solar panels have gone down in price comparatively to LCD TVs. It was noted that while we all expect to have an LCD TV, the public isn’t aware that solar energy is just as affordable nowadays.

Not only that, the Tesla car manufacturer apparently is demonstrating brilliance in the energy arena. Using a combination of geothermal, wind and solar energy it will be a self-contained factory, producing all the energy it needs to make batteries for its cars.

Ben West’s visit certainly offered an excellent overview of the state of climate change and climate solutions, in an interactive, visual and compelling – and sometimes humorous! – way that teenagers enjoy.

Thanks for your time! And good luck with your 10k run, Mr. West!