Peers. Globally Aware.

map-690329_1280Education. Cultural diversity. Government.

These are some of the topics of interest to be discussed between  Burnaby School District students and American students from New Jersey on Thursday, May 14th at Burnaby Central Secondary School at 4pm. The two high school groups will be meeting via videoconference as part of a virtual tour around the world.

The New Jersey students attend Passaic Valley High School, 15 miles outside of New York City. They are investigating views of students from around the world; Canada – along with Israel, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Jamaica, Hong Kong and many others who will converse with PVHS.

After an introduction to Burnaby, BC by students, the floor will be open for questions. Who do you think will win the Presidency next? is one of the burning questions on the list to be asked. Others hit the topics of climate change and terrorism hard.

This international hour promises to be interesting, if not controversial!