Making Distance Invisible: Burnaby and Afghanistan

Moscrop Secondary SchoolStudents in grade 8 have lived with Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan for their whole lives. Canadian forces have taken on different roles there from protective participation to combative duties. The last phase of Canada’s presence in Afghanistan has involved soldiers helping to train and mentor the Afghan National Army. That phase is scheduled to end on March 12, 2014.

A class of Moscrop students will participate in a ceremony to commemorate this historic occasion, called the “Afghan Flag Lowering Ceremony”, on Friday, March 14th. The Canadian Ambassador to Afghanistan, Deborah Lyons, as well as Canadian Major-General Milner, will address the students. Students have the opportunity to ask questions after being introduced to the occasion. The event will be via videoconference, and will include schools from Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec and British Columbia.

Learning about and considering Canada’s role in the international community and in significant world events, and thinking critically about them, is an important part of the social studies curriculum in British Columbia. Participating in the event will hopefully encourage students to look more deeply into these kinds of issues, and discuss them with their parents and peers, raising awareness.