Burnaby South Students Ponder Iraqi Issues

Iraq in the 70’s was actually the United States’ (and Canada’s) friend, in addition to having a highly cultural and educated populace. How did we fast forward to a situation where Iraq has become the arch enemy of the United States, and one of the poorer nations in the world?

Grade 11 students pondered these and other questions with George Somerwill, the former UN Head of Communications of the Humanitarian program called ‘Oil-For-Food’ or OFFP.

Students discussed why economic sanctions were chosen as an instrument of change in Iraq when such measures caused hardship in the form of hunger and untreated illness. One student asked if it had been difficult to work as a UN staff member within such controversial conditions.

“Walking a Tight Rope in Iraq” was the title of the case study examined at Burnaby South Secondary. Three classes were able to take advantage of the opportunity to hear first-hand what really happened as a precursor to the most recent news about Iraq.

Thank you to all of the teachers and students who participated and made such a great audience. You could hear a pin drop in the venue and Mr. Somerwill’s captivating and articulate behind the scenes report is surely one of the reasons for this.