Burnaby School Trustees Welcome UNC Reps

Burnaby%2D20130122%2D00051-1Along with Ms. Lee Anne Kristmanson, a Vice Principal at Burnaby Mountain Secondary School, two members of the United Nations Connections Club attended a Tuesday night Burnaby School Board meeting to inform the Trustees and Senior Management team of Burnaby about their journey to the UN Student Conference on Human Rights in New York in December 2013.

The students enjoyed the experience of presenting to elected city officials, who asked questions with interest, about what Sunny Chen and Aishwi Roshan learned during their time at the United Nations.

The trip is an annual occurrence, with a history going back at least a decade. The trip encourages students to get involved and learn about global issues, with the complex perspectives of member states of the United Nations. During their stay in New York, and their work with hundreds of students from around the world, they develop a more in-depth understanding of issues and how they affect a multitude of different people.