Coming up at Alpha

Ms. Kathleen Elliott and Ms. Pascale Fretier have big plans with videoconferencing this year over at Alpha Secondary School. With a set of preliminary videoconferences successfully behind them last May, these two French Immersion teachers are planning two more events to engage their students. Principal Ron Hall has been a driving support behind connecting to the community via videoconferencing.

On October 18th, Alpha Secondary will host “Vive la différence”! (“Variety is the Spice of Life!” in English) on the theme of Biodiversity. In addition, “Du changement dans l’air” (A Change in the Air in English) on the theme of climate change.

A Change in the Air fosters discussion with an expert facilitator about the very latest scientific information on climate change, its impacts on the environment and what we can do about it.

Variety is the Spice of Life! helps students understand the importance of biodiversity and the pressures we exert on the on the natural environment. With an expert facilitator, students discuss biodiversity and how to preserve it.